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Product name : New Airbrush Cleaning Pot
Item : WD-61
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New Airbrush Clean Port : Model No.:

1.Equipped with airbrush hanger for both gravity-feed and siphon-feed airbrush.
2.Glass bottle and a handle keeps the cleaning pot in balace.
3.Easy to clean lid and bottle.
4.Easy to change filter.
5.Comes with a plastic to fit all parts.

Carton Dimensions: 39 x 39 x 36cm/27pcs

N.W./G.W.: 14KG/16KG

The important of the plastic box!!

1.This plastic box can keep the airbrush clean port safe on the road.

2.Keep the smell of Airbrush clean liquid in the airbrush clean pot.Everybody know the smell of airbrush clean liquid is very badly,It can effect eyes and nose.So after using airbrush clean pot,we should  keep it in hermetically. So the plastic box is not only for keep the airbrush clean pot safe on the road.

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